We are a drugstore chain formed by the acquisition of the Drogasmil, Farmalife, Drogarias Tamoio and Drogaria Rosário. We have more than 200 stores spread through Rio de Janeiro, Brasília (Federal District) and Mato Grosso.  All of our brands have been present in their regions of operation for more than 40 years and, together, with around 3,600 employees, they serve more than 2.0 million consumers/month. Our platform – with its multiple and complementary positions – allows us to experience the particularities and needs of all social classes of the Brazilian population, inaugurating a unique popular model and respecting the characteristics of each region.

In just seven years, we created the ninth largest network in sales by Abrafarma – Brazilian Association of Pharmacy and Drugstore Networks and achieved a leadership position in our main areas of operation, being among the main chains in the Federal District and Rio de Janeiro.

We are part of the Profarma Group, which started its trajectory in 1961, with Profarma Distribuidora de Produtos – currently the second largest distributor in the country -, a company listed on the Novo Mercado B3 since 2006. And because we are part of this Company, we enjoy some competitive advantages of this integrated model: distribution and retail. Among them: daily deliveries; less need for working capital, as we use the distributor’s inventory; taking advantage of administrative synergies, through the SSC – Shared Services Center; low Capex demand for distribution centers; tax efficiency and increased bargaining power with suppliers – together, we are the third largest buyer in the national private pharmaceutical sector.

The performance of Rede d1000 is focused on the marketing of: (i) medicines – which includes branded (medicines subject to medical prescription), generics and OTC / MIPS (over-the-counter / non-prescription medicines); (ii) personal hygiene, beauty and skin care products (“HB”) and (iii) convenience products (“Products”).