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PISR – Profarma Institute of Social Responsiility was created in 2006, as a result of the dream of the nonconformist Manoel Birmarcker, founder of the Profarma Group. The PISR mission is to contribute to the health and education of Brazilian children and adolescents in vulnerable conditions.

Based on the slogan “Solidarity, our best medicine”, in addition to assisting more than 20 institutions, IPRS carries out frequent volunteer campaigns for the distribution of basic items for children, such as: school supplies, milk, toys and blankets.

In 2019, UNICEF invited IPRS to an exclusive partnership in the pharmaceutical segment. Thus, the IPRS expanded its solidarity network and started to contribute to the assistance of more than 25 million children in Brazil. That same year, Drogarias Tamoio, Drogaria Rosário and Drogasmil started offering their clients the possibility of direct donations to UNICEF.

The implementation of the voluntary donation campaign in our retail chains has already generated more than R$ 750,000.00 in revenue (June / 2020 basis), contributing to the development of millions of children throughout Brazil.

Drogasmil and Drogaria Rosário customers are impacted by the “DIGA SIM PARA MIM” campaign. The idea is that, when paying for their purchases, they can say “yes” to the health, education and protection of children and adolescents in vulnerable conditions in the country.

Drogarias Tamoio customers are encouraged to be part of this solidarity network through the “SOMAR FAZ A DIFERENÇA” campaign. After all, it is the sum of the efforts of UNICEF, the drugstore chain and customers that generates resources for the significant transformation of the childhood of countless people.

“This is the first partnership we have in the pharmaceutical retail segment in Brazil, and we are very happy with this achievement. UNICEF’s work is only possible through business support, financial contributions and advocacy. For the cause of childhood, it is essential that we continue to deliver solid results, enabling children to develop their full potential as citizens”- says Juan Ignacio Calvo, Director of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships at UNICEF in Brazil.

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Desenvolvimento sustentável

The Profarma Group’s premise is the constant pursuit of sustainable development, defining economically viable, socially fair and culturally diverse actions.